Monday, 3 March 2008

A vague preamble

I like music. A lot. Sometimes it will be all I think of for days on end. There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new record. It can be enervating, offer a retreat, inspire and provide catharsis. Perhaps it is finding myself in the wilderness of my mid-twenties that lends such romanticism to that great escapist art, music journalism. Music journalism is by its very nature self defeating. It is an attempt to construct something concrete out of the cerebral, to convey a sense of that most subjective of devices, musical taste, to the reader. Mostly it fails, but it is with these same lofty ambitions that I started this blog.
The blog is in essence an attempt to create something lasting. The basic premise of this one is simple: one, sometimes two, reviews of an album or track will appear each week. Hopefully one will be a new release and the other a classic album. That’s not to say that I will be reviewing Led Zeppelin IV or Thriller each week because there are far more reviews than necessary of those albums. Rather it will be albums I believe need revisiting, demand re-evaluation. It is not a desire to be deliberately esoteric or to obfuscate, purely a call to look beyond the canonical works and view those left in the margins. Some will be old and neglected, others works that slipped through the cracks first time round. Again this comes back to the central problem when critiquing music – it is my taste that will determine what to write, and my intention to convince you of the music’s inherent graces or flaws. Here’s to discovery.

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