Monday, 27 April 2009

Favourite Color Blue - Tom Brosseau

I keep having the same dream about Dave Grohl
The one where he's drumming in Hole
They've got him wrapped in rusty chains
I think I'm supposed to free him
But I haven't got the brains

I went to church last Sunday and let me tell you what
When I got through it gave me back my strut
It makes me want to move down South
Every time I smile or raise a white bandana to my mouth

I'm secretly in love with my best friend's older sis
And I have been ever since I started doing the twist
I really believe she's the lock and I'm the key
Oh, but holding it all in is really killing me

Lyrics taken from "Favourite Colour Blue" which will appear on Tom's new album Posthumous Success, released by Fat Cat Records on May 11th.

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