Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sea Within A Sea - The Horrors

The Horrors ditch the thin Farfisa organ driven, artifice heavy pastiche of late 60s psychedelia for an altogether different beast; elements of beat era psyche remain, but drenched in a lush, gauzy synth dreamscape that is conjoined with the minimalism of post-punk pioneers such as Pere Ubu.

Clocking in at around 8 minutes, it is taken from their upcoming sophomore effort Primary Colours that was produced by Geoff Barrows of Portishead. In the arpeggiated, motorik synths that dominate the latter half of the song, and it's indistinct and obscured vocals you can hear the influence of Portishead's latest album Third. You can also hear the musical progression of the band, and in particular the side project of Spider Webb and Tom Furse. Music is about hidden associations and forging new identities - it is at once malleable and capable of being completely controlled while also being an untamed force - so this new direction shouldn't come as a surprise. It will be interesting to see if they can pull this off live.

"Sea Within A Sea" is a great song that has excellent portents for their second record. Their debut felt too contrived, all surface and no depth, whereas this new sound is arcane and devious. It is the sound of a band that has grown up and is coming to terms with their abilities. The video, directed by former Jesus & Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart, is equally cool.

Go to, as the band have allowed it be downloaded for free. All you need to do is sign up to their mailing list and they'll send you a free mp3. Simples.

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