Sunday, 15 March 2009

Jarvis Cocker

Ex-Pulp vocalist, champion of DIY ethics, festival curator, arse flasher and all round good egg Jarvis Cocker is releasing his second album Further Complications in May. And it has been produced by Steve Albini. Perhaps an incongruous pairing, but then again Cocker did put on Sunn O ))) at the Meltdown festival in 2007.

Cocker's debut solo record Jarvis was a quiet joy, shot through with his trademark caustic wit. Few lyricists can get to the heart of a situation quite as pointedly as him.

Fat Children

Last night I had a little altercation
They wobbled menacingly, under the yellow streetlights it became a situation
Well they wanted my brand new phone with all the pictures of the kids and the wife
A struggle ensued, and then fat children took my life

Fat children took my life...

"Fat Children" was a definite highlight, while the Walker Brothers inspired "From A to I" (a distant cousin of Blur's "To The End") and "Baby's Coming Back To Me" showcased Richard Hawley's skills on the guitar.

I also really like the Lodger inspired sleeve and Jarvis' beard.

Further Complications is released on May 18th 2009.

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